‘Heritage Huts’ was established in 2014 by Heritage Blacksmith, Mark Burt. Mark has a long lasting interest in Heritage Projects, Architectural and Reproduction Ironwork.

He was requested by the ‘Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (KWVR)’ to create a reproduction ‘Signal Lamp Hut’ for their Railway. The final product was met with great acclaim and ‘Heritage Huts’ was formed in collaboration with SE Fabrications of Cross Hills, near Skipton.


Since Mark produced the first Hut for the KWVR, he has had numerous requests for replica huts. In December 2016 Heritage Huts delivered a replica Midland Hut Kit to ‘The National Railway Museum’ in York, their volunteers erected it under Marks supervision. This proved to be a significant turning point in the reputation of Heritage Huts.

Originating from a replica of the Damens Hut, Mark has now supplied 8 huts in kit form to the KWVR. Since Mark began advertising the product in Heritage Railway Magazines, he has had a variety of enquiries to produce different designs and sizes for other railway preservation societies and private customers. As a result, Heritage Huts can now offer bespoke designs to suit specific requirements.

The Huts


Reference to the FOSCL

The original Lamp huts were small buildings that were constructed to store lamps and lamp oil, plus the tools and spare-parts needed for lamp maintenance and repair.

Lamp huts generally conform to a standard design and featured an arched roof, a from panel with door and rear panel with window. A ventilator cowl was invariably fitted in the centre of the roof of these structures to prevent a potentially explosive build-up of fumes from the lamp oil.

As large numbers of lamps were needed to illuminate signals and to provide lighting for station buildings and platforms, lamp huts of this type were generally located immediately adjacent to both signal boxes and railway stations.



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